Thursday, April 26, 2007

Interview With a (Weird) Blogger

I agreed to be interviewed by two bloggers, Julia and Chelle. I am going to answer Julia's questions here since she asked an odd question (#3) and I have an odd answer with a few photos wouldn't you know?! And Chelle, I haven't forgotten you, I'll get to your questions soon.

1. What are your favorite shoes to wear - or do you prefer to be barefoot?

I used to prefer to go barefoot but then I discovered that I don't get to either sweep or vacuum my floors as often as they need it and they tend to get crunchy because my children are messy and lazy (they don't sweep or vacuum either) and I HATE to step on
crunchy stuff barefooted so now I wear shoes. I prefer something comfortable that I can slip into easily. If you know of a shoe that I might like, let me know! I'm always looking.

2. What is the greatest lesson life has taught you?

Whatever doesn't kill you will make you stronger. (whether you want to be stronger or not!) I love the saying in the movie "Aladdin" when Aladdin says something to the effect that "It's amazing what you can live through!" after realizing that even though a genie can't kill you, he can sure hurt you! I've been so amazed at the things I've lived through in this life and the pain I have felt watching my daughter struggle with her medical problems. I've had people mention that I'm a very strong person. Well, I
have to be strong... I don't necessarily want to be. It also helps to have support from loved ones and a sense of humor. Check the next question.

3. What is the oddest thing you have done?

Here's the fun stuff. hehe... People usually see my reserved, serious side but I really can be a nut, too. Before I cut all my hair off last week my husband took some picture of me being silly. I used to do "Cousin Itt" imitations. Jessica got in on the fun too. I can't believe I am posting these amazingly strange pictures but hey, you asked for it!

Karl said that the first picture looked like he had taken a picture of the back of my head with sunglasses so I put my hands up by my face so you could see it really wasn't the back of my head. That is my long hair brought up and over my head and over my face. Yeah, I know... I'm weird.

Yikes! I can hardly breathe in here! See? It really wasn't a stunt... I wonder how Cousin Itt can stand it?

Jessica wanted in on the action. Her hair wasn't as long or as thick as mine but hey, we had fun. At least you can't see how blue she is, right?

4. If you were to dye your hair some other color than typical hair color (ie, blond, black, etc. would be typical) what color/s would you go for?

I confess, I do color my hair but it is a typical hair color. I guess I would have to go for pink. I love pink and so does Jessica.

5. Can you roll your tongue?

Hey, what else do you expect at 4:00am?! ROFL!


Awesome Mom said...

I do that with my hair all the time, it sends my kids into fits of giggles.

I would dye my hair electric blue if I could.

Anonymous said...

lol! That is great - when my hair was longer I used to do that all the time too - I have pictures of myself like that on my mission - pretty funny. :) Great answers, and I love that you included photos too.

Nancy said...

Ok ladies... I want PROOF! I want to see the pictures of your imitations of Cousin Itt on your blogs. hehe... that's probably the oddest thing - is that I am actually posting them here for the world to gawk at.

Hey, we could have a Cousin Itt look-alike contest! Since I cut all that hair off I will have to use the pictures I posted but you gals can probably take some new ones if you like. :-)

~Jennifer said...

Ha! Ha! Cute pictures. Did you know tongue rolling was hereditary? You can either do it or you can't and it all depends on your genes.

RhythmUnbroken said...

Woah! How do you get in on this interview-Nancy-action? I'm sure I could come up with some amazing question...!

Nancy said...

I'm scared of what questions you would come up with, Christine. lol! If you want to , email me 5 questions and I just might answer them. No promises tho.

Nancy said...

Jennifer, I did know that being able to roll your tongue is hereditary. Funny you should mention it... to showed this post to my husband today and he rolled his tongue at me. That's when i told him that it is hereditary. He then started talking how we must have the same DNA because we can both roll our tongues and we had better be careful because we could be brother and sister because siblings have the same DNA.... blah, blah, blah... He's a nut. LOL

Awesome Mom said...

My dad can't roll his and one of my sisters can't so I guess my mom was also a carrier of the non rolling gene. Neither of them can blow bubbles with bubble gum which I find super hilarious. I will have to get my Itt pic up some time this week. It is getting hot and I am pondering cutting my hair short for the summer.

Nancy said...

You really should get your hair cut. I'm amazed at how much better I feel with it short. And I can't wait to see your Itt picture! ;-)

Flawed & Disorderly said...

Haaaaaaaaa ha! Too cute!