Thursday, March 01, 2007

Back Again

So I decided to revive this blog. It took a bit of CPR and a few jolts from the paddles but it is back. I have a few family members and friends who follow my other blog mainly to keep up with Jess and the rest of the family and I don't want to discourage them from visiting that blog. I'll post some interesting things there but for other silliness I think I'll post here.

I think my funny bone has been injured and needs mending... this just might be the place to do it. It's been a rough winter with Jess not doing very well and my health has been crap. I hear that laughter is the best medicine so I figured I could give it a try. Also, my mom just had a knee replacement last week and is doing a lot of physical therapy and exercises on her knee. The same goes for my funny bone: I need to exercise it and you guys need to help!

So bring it on!

Just remember this blog is rated G...
ok, you twisted my arm... rated PG. ;)


yerdoingitwrong said...

We can have fun with a PG Rating! =) I thought I'd pop by when I saw your comment over at Terri's blog!

Nancy said...

HI! Thanks for dropping by! Yeah, I think a PG rating would be fun... now remember.. that's PG as in: parental guidance, NOT pregnant, hormonal and psycho rantings!

Or is it?

Jewel said...

I don't know your email, so I hope this is filtered through there. I found your page while surfing, and wanted to say, I am in Phoenix, AZ, and posted a message for Jessica on Trinity is my daughter (she is seven now)and she got burned in a campfire accident a little over a month ago. She was hospitalized for a week. My email is on the page, and I would love for Jessica to be able to hang out with her sometime if you arent to far away. I have posted about NERO on her page a lot, because Trin likes to dress up and pretend to be a gypsy. Our house is right across the street from the park so Jess could have fun with the kids, and still have a place to retreat when she gets tired. Email me if you are interested, we have recieved help from so many people with Trin, I would be honored to be able to help Jessica do some "normal" kid stuff.