Sunday, June 17, 2007

Movie Ratings

OK, so it's no secret that Jess has many medical issues. One of the biggest problem she is having right now is GI issues. Needless to say we spend a fair amount of time in the bathroom. To pass the time we talk about anything and everything. Tonight while we were in there we got to talking about going to see the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I told her that she needs to get her rest so that she can feel up to watching the movie as it's almost 3 hours long. I then asked her if she could handle staring at Will Turner for that long. She laughed and said, YES! I laughed and asked if daddy might get jealous of me looking at Will Turner or if he will be trying to cover my eyes. She laughed and I said, "Well, he probably won't care since Will isn't nakid or anything in the movie." Jessica said something to the effect that if he was then it wouldn't be rated PG. I said it would be rated R. She said no, it would be rated "N". I asked her why it would be rated "N" and she looked at me like *duh!* "Rated N for Nakid!" I laughed so hard. Then she said that she should be rated "P". I asked why and she said "for Poop". That started a whole new bout of laughter.

So this post is rated "PM" for Potty Mouth. Sorry about that. But at least we were already in the bathroom for the potty mouth talk. ha!

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