Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Best Part of Being a Parent

This afternoon I made my last trek to Brandon's school to pick him up. Jessica knew that I was leaving to get Brandon and her home health aide was here so she went into her room to play her video game and closed the door. When Brandon and I got home I realized that Karl's patrol vehicle was here and that he had gotten home early. I went into the house and went back to my bedroom to talk to Karl and see how his day went. While we were talking the phone rang but Jessica picked it up before I could answer it. I went into my bathroom. (I know, TMI, but it is relevant to the story). Right after that my cell phone rang and Karl answered it. I recognized the ring and that it was Jessica calling my cell phone. I realized that Jessica had no idea that either Karl or I were home. I giggled as I thought of her surprise when her dad answered my phone (Jess thought he was at work and I was out getting Brandon). I then hear Karl telling Jess, "Yes, I'm shopping with Mommy." "No, Mommy can't come to the phone right now." "I'll tell Mom to get you a diet coke on her way home." He hangs up my cell phone and we both start laughing.... then we hear Jessica's voice in the hallway. "Daddy, is that you?" (the bedroom door is closed so she can't see who is in there)

Karl: "No, it's not me."

Jess: "Yes it is!"

Karl: "No it isn't, I'm shopping with Mommy!"

Jess: "Daaaaad!"

Karl: "Really, I'm not here, I just left my voice behind!"

Jess: "You are too home! Can I come in?"

Karl: "Ok, come on in."

Jess: "Daddy, you tricked me!"

Karl: "Yes I did and it was FUN!"

Jess giggling, "Why did you trick me?"

Karl: "Because you are so sweet and gullible."

Jess: "Where's Mommy?"

Karl: "Mommy's not here."

Me (from the bathroom): "I'm not here, I just left my voice behind."

Jess: "Mom! I know you're in there"

Later Jessica told Karl that she knows how to unlock the lock on her bedroom door. Karl said he didn't believe her so she unlocked it to prove him wrong. So then Karl tells her that he is going to call the police and measure her oxygen tubing to see how far it can go and see which houses she has unlocked and stolen stuff out of. Her response... "Daaaaaaaaad!"

Messing with kids' minds.... the best part about being a parent. hehe!


Awesome Mom said...

That is the very reason I wanted to have kids. My parents messed with my mind and I wanted to get even, so I am messing with my kid's minds.

Rene said...

What a cute story. I am going to have to remember to tell Matthew and Brandon that. They like to bang on the bathroom door and ask if I am in there....can I GET five minutes around here????