Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cat - - - or another kid?

Why is it that whenever my cat, Charlie, wants attention he claws at the furniture or does something else bad? Is he watching my kids and taking lessons from them? lol! Also, almost every night he turns into a spaz when I am busy trying to get Jess settled and into bed... he competes for my attention?

Did I really want another kid? NO! I wanted a cat who would curl up on my lap when I want to sit and watch tv. Charlie does NOT like to be held. EVER. He is nervous about every little noise and all strangers. If we have company over I have to lock him in my bedroom or he really spazzes out and it's not pretty.

So... no curling up on my lap. :*(

Although when I get out my scrapbooking he will come over and smell everything... gotta make sure it all meets with his approval. He will also play with the tail of the tape runner (those of you CM scrapbookers will know what that is). Whenever I get a CM order in and I go through it and organize my product and put orders together, he is right there, "helping" me. lol

That's Charlie... a perpetual toddler who gets into trouble to get attention and thinks it's funny to run away when being scolded. Oh yeah, he likes to tip over cups and play in the water that spills.... likes to play in the water as it trickles out of the bathtub faucet - then he drinks it.... his favorite toys are twist-ties and the plastic part that comes off when you open a gallon of milk... swat the fly, chase and eat the cricket are some of his most popular games... and trying to keep Mary (the bunny) in line is his most difficult job. (Don't worry, we don't ever let Mary run around the house unless she is closely supervised - and even then only for a few minutes).

These are just some late night observances. Mr. Charlie just attacked my recliner. I think I will feed him and go to bed.

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